All right, Red Carpet! Here we go!

So I just recently applied to two internships. One being an internship as a blogger/pr assistant with Misty’s Extreme PR. The second being an internship with Lang Talent, a management organized get their actors work. With that particular job, I will be setting up actors with auditions and what-nots…if only I could do the same for myself… But it will be a fascinating learning experience and I will make great connections.

Posing in the Hollywood Subway.

Speaking of great connections, my PR internship involves me writing blogs on Misty’s clients (up and coming actors who need more media attention) and I will be helping them get that attention. I will be posting on other blog sites, but keep your eyes peeled on this one as well as I will be posting the actors’ interviews and insider info on this site. Along with writing blogs, I am kind of Misty’s assistant, or will eventually turn into one, as I get to accompany the “clients” to Red Carpet events and award ceremonies. Holla!

So, a note to the other actors out there, don’t throw all your chips in the acting pile, and keep your interests in other aspects of the industry, cause you never know what might happen and who’ll meet. I haven’t had an audition yet, but I’m already apart of the industry, just in a different way. 🙂

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