What do you do with a cat that pees on you?

Okay, so I already said that my cat had peed on me while I was sleeping the first night I moved to Cali.

Well, he peed again on my pillows last night! It was a good thing I had the light on when I laid down to sleep because the pee was so carefully hidden between my pillows—not on top of them, but between them!—as if Indy had actually given some thought as to where he could hide it. What the hell!

I love my kitty. He’s very loving as well, but I am not a fan of is PEE!!! Is there anything I can do to make him stop peeing on my bed? If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me. My friend Anthony told me to pee on him back, but…that would just start a whole peeing war, I think. Let me know what I can do. 😦

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