Hello, California, nice to meet you.

Well, guys, I’m finally here. I’ve had a lot to do this weekend, unpacking, getting a tour from Ed Lojeski of Thousand Oaks, Malibu and Simi Valley, then doing extensive grocery shopping. Then, tomorrow, BJ’s in Westlake, my first day meeting with the managers.

When considering my acting career, I’ve decided to take it slow this year to make sure I make enough money at work before getting fully sucked in. But, with the help of my new roommates and Ed Lojeski, hopefully I can get into some little shows here and there just to keep me busy.

While I was unpacking, I realized I was barely choking down panic. I had to keep reminding myself that the first two weeks are always the hardest. But, once I got food in the house, I started to finally feel at home. Food always fixes things. 🙂

My poor cat, Indiana, is not too happy about the move. He’s panicking a hell of a lot more than I am and won’t eat or even go to the bathroom. So I bought little mice toys and some treats to try to cheer him up. He’ been spending all day and night under my bed which brings a tear to my eye. But it was time for him to become independent and move out of the house…sound familiar?

That’s all for now. I promise to get my Revolution Chapters done as soon as I get completely settled in. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

5 thoughts on “Hello, California, nice to meet you.

  1. Like I told you, you are going to freak out, but just stick it out and you will be fine. Hey, at least your in California, not Wisconsin lol. When I moved here, my cat was SOOO shook up, she spent the first week on top of the fridge.

    Be strong!

    • Yeah. Poor Indy is spending all his time under my bed. Sometimes he gets the courage to come and snuggle with me, but as soon as he hears some other noise, he dashes under the bed. Silly kitty.

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