Crazy dream #3: Werewolves, aliens, and ex-boyfriends…oh, and did I mention teeth falling out! Ah!

Okay, I’m gonna have to say this particular dream gave me the cold sweats. As much as I love exciting dreams involving aliens and werewolves, this one made me more vulnerable that I’m normally used to. Whatever happened to my machine gun I’d always carried with me? It seems in my old age I’ve become more vulnerable in my dreams which sucks!

So I had another random dream about being attacked by aliens (from James Cameron’s Aliens), but honestly, as I write this, I can’t seem to recall the details. All I know is that I was running from them and then found myself in some neighborhood in California. I was with my ex-boyfriend, in his car watching the sunset on this mountain top nearby a high school my dad worked at, and I was vaguely aware of a practicing marching band as well. It was a peaceful moment, but as I lay in his arms listening to him talk, I felt an impending doom approaching. I had to get out somehow. There was somewhere I needed to be. But I didn’t know where.

I rushed out of the car and went inside the high school which evolved into a large dentist’s office. I looked into the mirror and smiled. My teeth felt funny, so I pushed against the front with my tongue, and BAM! A massive chip came off my tooth! My eyes widened in horror and felt with my tongue again, and BAM! Both front teeth tore out, detaching from the permanent retainer I had in. I caught them both with my hands, looked away from the mirror in disgust, and stared in horror at the broken teeth laying in my palms.

I couldn’t believe it! I worked so hard on straightening these teeth, and then they just randomly fell out!

Nonetheless, I felt I was on a mission. I pocketed the teeth, ran outside, my ex was waiting for me in concern, wondering where I’d gone. He started to follow me as I ran towards the west (or east, but it was one of those). But I ran too fast for him and he disappeared from my dream.

I was alone now, but I knew I’d eventually run into my dad. I was looking for him. There was a particular dirt path, surrounded by desert, that I was journeying on. I somehow met up with my old best friend Amy Baker and my mom. We were all following the same path. I was told by some others that I should beware of the wolf people in the next town I’ll be passing.

As soon as I got there, the wolf people came out to hunt. Then it was a full out fight. I somehow ended up with a sword…my only weapon to defend myself. Pretty lame against werewolves, if you ask me.

These things freak me out.
These things freak me out.

So here we were, running around like crazy people trying to fight off the strange pirate looking wolf people. Amy and my mom disappeared from the scene. There was a little girl I found and was compelled to pick her up and make a run for it. But the lead wolfman wouldn’t let me go. I used my negotiating skills on him (which turned out to be flirting) and suddenly he wanted to do me. I thought to myself, having sex with a dogman isn’t what I would call fun. He started to mount me, but before he could do his thing, I kicked him off, grabbed the girl and got the hell out of there.

I continued down the path, the little girl disappearing as well, and I was alone again. All I knew was that I needed to meet up with my dad at the train station. After miles of walking and fearing of being found by the wolves, I finally found my dad. By now, we were in the middle of a desert in Arizona, waiting by the train tracks. We were somehow going to jump onto the train and hide in one of the box cars to continue the rest of the 600 miles. The 600 miles were very specific, but I have no idea why. And there was one more wolf lair we’d have to pass by. It was the most dangerous of them all. They were the real vicious wolves that if they found “food” (humans) nearby, they would attack and eat them. Much different from the wolves I had fought earlier.

This worried me because we had to cover our scent and be very quiet in order to not alert the wolves. And, for some reason the 600 miles to the mysterious destination was very depressing to me. I felt I’d already gone so far. But I had 600 more miles to go. Ugh!

The dream ended with the train passing by, and me nearly missing it. My dad disappeared from the scene as well. I didn’t even get to see what the mysterious destination was. Dreams are lame like that.

Dream #2: Zombies, malls, and Alzheimer’s!!!

So, I had another awesome dream last night about being in a mall with lots of my friends ranging from high school to college. It started out as trying to escape off the planet featured in the movie Aliens, but since we failed to actually get off, the dream evolved into us escaping into a giant mall filled with zombies.

So instead of fighting off aliens, we were fighting off zombies the whole time. Only, I don’t remember us really having any weapons, so we had to use brute strength…and a lot of running. I remember as the zombies kind of chilled out for a second—meaning the calm before the storm sort of thing—we were taking the opportunity to really find a way to get to an escape route and rid our selves of the zombies forever. As we got a head start, journeying towards our destination, we passed a store that was giving out free designer clothes—they were closing because of the zombie infestation—and I couldn’t help myself and walked in. The sales reps were really in a bad mood, but I didn’t care. I was hunting for a very specific dress. I didn’t find it unfortunately, but I did find an equally cute dress. As soon as I grabbed it, another hand reached out and grabbed it too. I looked to see who it was, and it was my old best friend Sara from high school. She claimed she saw it first and had dibs. I claimed that I saw it first and had dibs. There was only one size left and we were fighting over it. She said that it couldn’t fit me because it was too small. I told her I wear a size small! After a little tiff, the zombies we were coming back, so I won the dress and got the hell out of there.

Then, as it seemed I was to be free of the zombie infested mall, I ended up in my grandparents’ old house in Glendale, AZ. I saw my grandma there, and my mom, but I couldn’t find Papa. It turns out we were waiting for my Papa’s return from Wisconsin. He was arriving at night, and I vaguely remember that I was really nervous for him to be traveling by himself because of his Alzheimer’s.

More and more of my family members showed up and I was curious as to why everyone was here. Finally, my Papa arrived. He was standing perfectly straight, smiling brightly, walking fast, and seemed so much more energetic than ever. As if he had gotten younger somehow. I was ecstatic! He had gotten better and was moving like he was young again. I waited to give him a big hug as he approached me. He looked me in the eye, but then bypassed me completely, going straight for my grandma, as if he didn’t recognize me. He scooped up Mana, surprising even her, and took her into the house, laughing all the way. Though, I was happy that my Papa had been cured of his old age, I realized he didn’t know who I was, despite the fact that he brought me up as a child. Knowing the zombies could appear any moment, feeling depressed that my Papa no longer knew who I was, though he knew everyone else, I decided to continue my plan to eradicate the zombies once and for all.

And that was it. I don’t remember anymore.

Crazy dream #1: Dracula

So as of late I haven’t been able to really remember my dreams too well because I haven’t been sleeping so well in the past couple of days, considering I’ve been moving between states.

But when I woke up this morning—more like afternoon—I forced myself to remember this one.

It was about Bram Stokers’ Dracula, the movie that was made in 1992, I think. I was the Mina character running from Dracula. In the movie, Mina is kind of stupid and falls for Dracula even though she’s engaged to Jonathan. Poor Jonathan is locked up in Dracula’s castle being sucked on by some pretty slutty but sexy female vampires. By sucking, I mean blood. 😉

Kind of like Draculas castle in my dream...kind of
Kind of like Dracula's castle in my dream...kind of

In any case, as I played the Mina character in my dream, I was much smarter and knew exactly what Dracula was…a demon of the night, ooohhh… I remember that I was trying to rescue Jonathan from the castle, all the while pretending to be on Dracula’s good side. (This Dracula, by the way, is not attractive whatsoever, and he’s pretty nasty) So, as I was doing my rescue mission, which kind of ended up failing, I believe, though I don’t really know what happened to that part of the dream, it got to the point where I had to rescue myself. So here I was running around, trying to escape out of windows and all that stuff because Dracula was pissed that I had betrayed him…or wasn’t falling for his love spell, or whatever. I do think that he bit me at one point, but I’m not sure. I was covered in blood while trying to escape to the nearby village. For some reason, the village seemed to be a safe point.

So I got did escape out of the castle through some crazy torrential moat where I nearly drowned. I could hear him flying like a bat in the air trying to scope me out, so I had to hide in the shadows the whole time. I finally got out of the crazy river and ended up in some Roman-like stone courtyard with lots of statues. Anyway, this is where I saw who Dracula was before he turned into a vampire. I felt pity for him for like a second, until I heard him closing in on me, hunting me. And then, somehow I blacked out and ended up back in the village with my family members (from the movie, not my real ones) and everyone was eating different cakes. I bit into one and scarfed it down. The whole time, I was paranoid that Dracula would find me here.

And that was it. I can’t remember if anything else happened. My dream then switched over to some random thing about me being at an actors’ workshop with all my old high school and college drama buddies, it was pretty lame. I really didn’t want to be there. Oh yeah! People from my old work were there too including Richard! He kissed me in my dream…huh. Random as always.