2010: The Sequel! And…what should be my new Resolution?

Of course, I’m referring to the 80s film 2010 which precedes 2001: A Space Odyssey. Neither of these films actually foretold the future of the Millennium very well. We have not built a base on the Moon and have not found the answer to the beginning of intelligence on Earth.

However, once 2010 hits, a simple revelation will be made…sort of. Of course, I’m referring to myself. What else are blogs for but to write personal accounts, heavy opinions on topics that reside within my own brain, untouched and stubborn to the outside thoughts of others, but mildly interested and appreciative of those thoughts.

2010 is coming and so a whole new year will unfold. It was only a year ago when I was making my slow-crawling ascent from the depths of despair which I had somehow allowed myself to tumble down into. My New Year’s Resolution then was to go “whimming,” to start a whole new look at life, to find happiness when happiness seemed so foreign and far, to embark on adventures, to laugh and play, to DATE like no other had dated before! Allowing myself to be open in case lightning struck me hard, waking me from a dreamlike reality I had been escaping to.

I found it: the path to Happy Ville. I found the ability to not need too much, to use logic rather than emotion ( in simpler terms, I have found a way to become more Vulcan), to be more confident in my beliefs about life, to not be knocked down, and so on.

At the beginning of 2009, I was barely surviving my own destruction, deciding on writing being the only way out. I made the bestest (YES, bestEST) of friends I could ever think of having and had the pleasure of creating memories I will never forget.

In 2009, I discovered the life of dating many different types of guys, while finally slowing down with The Terminator, whom I also refer to as my manfriend.

In 2009, I finally found a home: California. I never thought I would feel so comfortable here as fast as I did. I still revel in the fact that people here actually pronounce my name correctly right off the bat, rather than always screwing it up as they did in Arizona. I always think that’s a sign I belong…

However, not everything is all peaches and cream. My grandfather, Papa, is dying, mentally and physically. Once the smartest man I knew, is now the weakest man I know. I thought it would frighten me that he couldn’t remember me or mom, but it hasn’t. I had come to accept this, along with the rest of my family. He may not last another year, and even if he did physically, he will have no memory left. He brought me up as a child, but he will not witness me become a wife, a mother, a successful person…It is weird to think about.

Nonetheless, I actually did conquer my previous New Year’s resolution. I found the motivation to keep up a consistent blog, I finally graduated college, I got the hell out of Arizona and didn’t get stuck in a place I never wanted to be, I found a drama-free living situation with roommates who are kind yet distant, I am interning in two places at once, both being apart of the entertainment industry, I have already done three different Red Carpet events, met Patrick Kilpatrick, and have developed friendships with wonderfully interesting and fun people.

Most importantly, I found where I belong. I found my Happy Place. I guess finding happiness is easier than losing weight…? At least it is for me—I like food too much.

Next New Year’s Res.? I am FINALLY READY to find Love!…Although, considering this is much harder to achieve than even losing weight, I might change it to Being Able To Quit BJ’s. Or maybe they shall both be my New Year’s Res.? What do you think? Which one should be my Resolution? Love or Quitting BJ’s? You tell me.

I hope all of you had your wishes come true this year. And even if they didn’t, or you feel disappointed in some part of your life, just remember, tomorrow is another day! (thank you, scarlet o’hara).

Dream #2: Zombies, malls, and Alzheimer’s!!!

So, I had another awesome dream last night about being in a mall with lots of my friends ranging from high school to college. It started out as trying to escape off the planet featured in the movie Aliens, but since we failed to actually get off, the dream evolved into us escaping into a giant mall filled with zombies.

So instead of fighting off aliens, we were fighting off zombies the whole time. Only, I don’t remember us really having any weapons, so we had to use brute strength…and a lot of running. I remember as the zombies kind of chilled out for a second—meaning the calm before the storm sort of thing—we were taking the opportunity to really find a way to get to an escape route and rid our selves of the zombies forever. As we got a head start, journeying towards our destination, we passed a store that was giving out free designer clothes—they were closing because of the zombie infestation—and I couldn’t help myself and walked in. The sales reps were really in a bad mood, but I didn’t care. I was hunting for a very specific dress. I didn’t find it unfortunately, but I did find an equally cute dress. As soon as I grabbed it, another hand reached out and grabbed it too. I looked to see who it was, and it was my old best friend Sara from high school. She claimed she saw it first and had dibs. I claimed that I saw it first and had dibs. There was only one size left and we were fighting over it. She said that it couldn’t fit me because it was too small. I told her I wear a size small! After a little tiff, the zombies we were coming back, so I won the dress and got the hell out of there.

Then, as it seemed I was to be free of the zombie infested mall, I ended up in my grandparents’ old house in Glendale, AZ. I saw my grandma there, and my mom, but I couldn’t find Papa. It turns out we were waiting for my Papa’s return from Wisconsin. He was arriving at night, and I vaguely remember that I was really nervous for him to be traveling by himself because of his Alzheimer’s.

More and more of my family members showed up and I was curious as to why everyone was here. Finally, my Papa arrived. He was standing perfectly straight, smiling brightly, walking fast, and seemed so much more energetic than ever. As if he had gotten younger somehow. I was ecstatic! He had gotten better and was moving like he was young again. I waited to give him a big hug as he approached me. He looked me in the eye, but then bypassed me completely, going straight for my grandma, as if he didn’t recognize me. He scooped up Mana, surprising even her, and took her into the house, laughing all the way. Though, I was happy that my Papa had been cured of his old age, I realized he didn’t know who I was, despite the fact that he brought me up as a child. Knowing the zombies could appear any moment, feeling depressed that my Papa no longer knew who I was, though he knew everyone else, I decided to continue my plan to eradicate the zombies once and for all.

And that was it. I don’t remember anymore.